Thursday, June 14, 2007


“The prerequisite for the development of the science
of anthropology was the kind of cultural objectivity
that arises only after a moral dissonance has been set
up between the individual and the sanctioned structures
of that individual’s own culture.

“Anthropology is simply the study of culture by people
who are no longer entirely contained within one.

(Boxed but not
BOXED, know
what I mean ?

A disconnect
but not

“By its very nature, the discipline of anthropology
is an attempt to investigate human cultural
phenomena by remaining independent
of the cultic and mythic structures
that exist to foreclose
investigation.” (Gil Bailie, Violence Unveiled)


Can a selfconscious system (individual, collective)
self-correct its SELF-CORRECTING
Directional Navigational Algorithmic
(so to speak)
without demoralization?

Is it possible to nip at my heels,
poke a paunch, bite my hand
that feeds me and still
get fed?

When a 155 yr old small liberal arts college
nestled in the Yellow Springs of Ohio (“known
for it’s off beat approach to education”) goes
down the river because of “money shortage,”
it shivers my timbre: Antioch: 6 times the
longevity of Black Mountain College;
& both characterized by radical,
non-conformist ways.

Belly up for awhile.
To reconfigure,

Homeostatic Security Systems &
Environmental Conditions out of
Whack & Unsustainable: their
Particular & Unique (not to be
generalized or franchise-able)

“The idea this time was to establish a mixed
community of fish and plants in a balance. I
never had a filter or an air bubbler in my
aquarium, so the fish were always dependent
on the green plants for the oxygen they breathed,
and the numbers had to be small.

Catfish scavenged on the floor of the tank,
snails moved sedately up and down the sides
controlling the algae, and the water stayed
fresh and clear without being changed,
year after year.

Indeed, as the sun shone through the
window and water and food and heat were
supplied as needed, the fish flourished. A tiny
ecosystem was balanced: plants and bacteria
nourished by what the fish left: fish nibbled on
plants, and oxygen and carbon dioxide passed
back and forth.

When I had had the aquarium for two or three
years, it had to be moved one summer and somehow
was disrupted so that almost everything died.
(M.C. Bateson, Our Own Metaphor)

Had Fishes sensed & anticipated the move,
studied the situation hydro-dynamically maybe,
held piscatorial work shops and cold-blooded
conferences, written finny reviews, refereed
publishable papers & scales of articles: would
they not still-&-all have been powerless
to prevent IT?

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