Friday, April 14, 2017

we imagine God. About how we represent & talk
about how we imagine God. About how we get

along or do not get along talking about God or
our imagination of God. About our representations
of our imaginations or about the limits of imaginations
and the impossibility of doing justice to what we want
to argue about. Or about the importance of Just Getting
Along regardless (it's about the relationship not God),
As my radical Xtian-in-resident student friend advised
me years ago: “We’re going to have to talk abut how
we're going to talk about this stuff before we talk about
it, Sam”-- which was the smartest thing any body has
ever said to me, I'm not kidding. Need we argue?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ultima Thule

Wings of a dove, immaculate  conception,
Gödel’s Theorem: ways of imagining and
talking  about what might be said to break
through my naturally narcissistic, solipsistic,
bubble boy mind-set: sealed in  and protected
by both secular and sacred humanism galore.
Among other things: an environmental issue.
Plus my own lucid schemes, aims, goals,
golden purpose and measurable objectives.
Inconceivable: a  break thru. Beyond me
no doubt 

Sunday, July 10, 2016



HAP happening happily, hap’s will be
done no doubt and so to speak and as
it were, HAP happening happily right
be-here-now in my 2nd floor Jensen
office and across the street: trees 
thrashing in the spirit, sky above, clouds
sailing east toward Black Mountain,
front-end loader below transitioning
from farm to points north. 

Common sense, tradition, disciplines:
ways I talk about What’s Happening
–ripping-off hap happily in manners
of speaking, discriminating, reducing,
hammering & nailing to suit my purposes 
aims, goals, & measureable objectives.
Crime against the whole. Necessary

I find it impossible to suspend my
satanic proclivities: adversarial
accusatory habits of blame, my
interpretations and explanations,
reasons-why, my cause & effect,
because & affect scapegoating here’s
why it happened and how.  Hammer
& nails, hammer & nails: are you
there  when I crucify our lord?

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Pray for Disillusionment

The Ludic Mode:  in play, playful:
the play’s the thing

Not how much I know these days of
ubiquitous lap top dancing and mobile
device, but whether I can  put it in play.  

Ludic  on the one hand. Deluded on the
other. Delusion. Illusion. Not in play.

Etymologically: disillusionment’s an
affective mind-set shift from not-in-play,
not-in-game to in-play, in-game.

From  out-of-it: to in-it; deluded to ludic—
determined determination to delightful

Pray for Disillusionment.  

For fifteen years, my stalwart 

unknown frontier pioneering has
been daily provocation: tweak &
twerk, tantamount  to whatever it 
might take to disillusion colleagues
old & young, students all of us:
stunned stupid  and ripe for liberal
art’s antic games—cry hammock
and unleash the cogs of woe.

Me: a monumental failure: means &
skill-set  not sufficient to the goals &
aims & ends  thereof. No measurable
objectives.  Rubrics of straw.
Never the less: unpostponed joy  pushing
the  rock uphill and down—and you must
imagine me happy.  Yearning is the

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My Daily Donald Diatribe

My Daily Donald Diatribe. 
I’m not a good person.
Bully. Troll. Secret lusts 
and desires.  I would
rise so high, says Wm Gass, 
that when I shit some
of it would hit everybody. 
Hateful. Defensive.
Narcissistic. Solipsistic.
Xenophobic. Misanthropic.
Entitled. Patriarchal and 

Don’t listen worth a damn.
Lack empathy,compassion—
face it sociopathological c’este 
moi.While I accept if not
embrace these traits in myself:
I hate, detest them in  Trump .
Revolting. Nauseating. 

Probably some psychological
reason  and terms forthis, 
never the less: Tar and Feather.   
Walk the Plank. Water board. 
at least. That I can tell you folks..

Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Liability of Consciousness

Lucid Scheming


Angels Fear: Toward an Epistemology
of the Sacred

Bugaboo for  Gregory Bateson is human Ego-
Consciousness and its PURPOSIVENESS:
aims, goals, measurable objectives. He calls it
“secondary” process.

Bugaboo ONLY because its dominance  eclipses
what he calls “primary process” --non- or pre- or
un-conscious process which is like what we might
call instinct or intuition—or deeper: counter-intuition:
the influence of “the whole” say, whole system
wisdom. Primordial (literally: prior to the weave
to order)

Consider the autonomic system: the  “knowledge”
or process that regulates the nervous system, circulation,
lungs, respiration. 

Consider the “automatic” system—the system that
receives conscious training so as  to respond
automatically in some situation—like driving,
playing sport or music, conversation.

Now consider Ego-Consciousness: full of purpose
and aim and objective: to be a veterinarian, sky
diver, poet, drive to Asheville to see a movie.
               Goal Orientated.

A Triad, yes?

                   Semi-automatic Conscious.

On the one hand, Consciousness is my  guiding
light, lucid schemer,  savior, boss of my universe….
& don’t  I want to expand it?


On the other hand: consciousness is  merely a
snowball on the tip of  the I’s berg—thinking
it’s driving  a car, but  actually sitting behind a
plastic steering wheel connected to its own
kiddy seat:  beep, beep and bumppety bump.     


Ok-I’m mixing my metaphors. Quibble or go
with me here.

The aim  (purposive, ego-conscious) is to
set up a fundamental distinction—between
Consciousness as the light of  my life and
Consciousness as the inflated instrument of
my ongoing darkness—blinded by my own lite. 

The more conscious I become, the less “aware.”
The less aware  &  the more conscious
Conscious-ness  seems supreme, rather tha
n awareness.

My Consciousness Light is so bright and dominate
that it’s impossible to consider navigating without it.
That would be darkness—moving in a cloud of
unknowing—unconsciously  Blind and deaf.