Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My Daily Donald Diatribe

My Daily Donald Diatribe. 
I’m not a good person.
Bully. Troll. Secret lusts 
and desires.  I would
rise so high, says Wm Gass, 
that when I shit some
of it would hit everybody. 
Hateful. Defensive.
Narcissistic. Solipsistic.
Xenophobic. Misanthropic.
Entitled. Patriarchal and 

Don’t listen worth a damn.
Lack empathy,compassion—
face it sociopathological c’este 
moi.While I accept if not
embrace these traits in myself:
I hate, detest them in  Trump .
Revolting. Nauseating. 

Probably some psychological
reason  and terms forthis, 
never the less: Tar and Feather.   
Walk the Plank. Water board. 
at least. That I can tell you folks..

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