Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Liability of Consciousness

Lucid Scheming


Angels Fear: Toward an Epistemology
of the Sacred

Bugaboo for  Gregory Bateson is human Ego-
Consciousness and its PURPOSIVENESS:
aims, goals, measurable objectives. He calls it
“secondary” process.

Bugaboo ONLY because its dominance  eclipses
what he calls “primary process” --non- or pre- or
un-conscious process which is like what we might
call instinct or intuition—or deeper: counter-intuition:
the influence of “the whole” say, whole system
wisdom. Primordial (literally: prior to the weave
to order)

Consider the autonomic system: the  “knowledge”
or process that regulates the nervous system, circulation,
lungs, respiration. 

Consider the “automatic” system—the system that
receives conscious training so as  to respond
automatically in some situation—like driving,
playing sport or music, conversation.

Now consider Ego-Consciousness: full of purpose
and aim and objective: to be a veterinarian, sky
diver, poet, drive to Asheville to see a movie.
               Goal Orientated.

A Triad, yes?

                   Semi-automatic Conscious.

On the one hand, Consciousness is my  guiding
light, lucid schemer,  savior, boss of my universe….
& don’t  I want to expand it?


On the other hand: consciousness is  merely a
snowball on the tip of  the I’s berg—thinking
it’s driving  a car, but  actually sitting behind a
plastic steering wheel connected to its own
kiddy seat:  beep, beep and bumppety bump.     


Ok-I’m mixing my metaphors. Quibble or go
with me here.

The aim  (purposive, ego-conscious) is to
set up a fundamental distinction—between
Consciousness as the light of  my life and
Consciousness as the inflated instrument of
my ongoing darkness—blinded by my own lite. 

The more conscious I become, the less “aware.”
The less aware  &  the more conscious
Conscious-ness  seems supreme, rather tha
n awareness.

My Consciousness Light is so bright and dominate
that it’s impossible to consider navigating without it.
That would be darkness—moving in a cloud of
unknowing—unconsciously  Blind and deaf.

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