Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Waste of Time for the Time Being

A Waste of Time For the Time Being.

 “time” and “tide”  and “divine” and  
 “demon/daemon”as well as
demographic and democracy: all
share anetymological  root with
Indo Euopean da, dai –“ to separate,”

Not this ________________________

but this  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

How would you characterize this difference 
between thewhole  and the broken, the 
continuum and the discontinuous,
analogue and digital?    
The relationship?

“Time” literally belongs to the later, 
the divided, the separate.“What  time
 is it?”  You might ask. “How much
time do wehave left?.”  “Till  lunch?” 
Till graduation?

How much you got?  Enough to waste?
School (Latin: scholaleisure) is a 
proper waste of time.I shifted my way
of teaching  years ago because what I
was doing didn’t feel like leisure,  like 
a proper waste of time.  It was all 
spending and consuming, time management
and accounting.  

What I do now IS a ROYAL Waste of  TIME
—and a happy crime against convention. 
No cover-up with  grade-gun pretense 
authorizing what’s  important and what’s
not even if none of it is; and  I tell myself
I’m factoring IT in (IT –wasted time) 
non- agenda-ized resource,  a tabula rasa
kind of zero-based play,  starting  up   
each time from oldscratch, reinventing
wheels and  who knows what kind of
emerging phenomena and value  will
emerge?  Auto poesis it’s called in biology:
a system creating itself: mess & muddle.
Poetry in slow  motion & no efficiency
need apply.


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