Sunday, July 10, 2016



HAP happening happily, hap’s will be
done no doubt and so to speak and as
it were, HAP happening happily right
be-here-now in my 2nd floor Jensen
office and across the street: trees 
thrashing in the spirit, sky above, clouds
sailing east toward Black Mountain,
front-end loader below transitioning
from farm to points north. 

Common sense, tradition, disciplines:
ways I talk about What’s Happening
–ripping-off hap happily in manners
of speaking, discriminating, reducing,
hammering & nailing to suit my purposes 
aims, goals, & measureable objectives.
Crime against the whole. Necessary

I find it impossible to suspend my
satanic proclivities: adversarial
accusatory habits of blame, my
interpretations and explanations,
reasons-why, my cause & effect,
because & affect scapegoating here’s
why it happened and how.  Hammer
& nails, hammer & nails: are you
there  when I crucify our lord?

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