Sunday, June 10, 2007

Heart of Denial

Undeniable Denial
Denying Denial

Just say ne
not, naught

Heartstone’s edition dedicated to
DENIAL makes me wonder about
the awesome In-Denial-Lock Ness
monster I swim in belly up like some
long-nosed Pinocchio puppet permeate
in alma matrix fluid drive, protecting
me & my Directional Navigational
Algorithms & sustaining my system
from re-moralization

It’s not the denying-I’m-mindful-of
that’s curious: I’ve got that covered.
It’s the denial-I-don’t-know-I’m-denying
that crushes me & who’s to blame? Cut
some slack you bastards & axes of evil.
No No No: it’s not ME .


I can cut Paper all right
but not cover Rock. Rock
is beyond me. Paper cutting
is what I do. But if I cut Paper,
Paper won’t cover Rock and
Rock’ll crush me & my
running with Scissors.


I can cover Rock
—good at the cover-up—
but can’t touch Scissors and a
covered-up Rock won’t crush
the cut-up & damnit I’m going
to get sliced, divided like sand.


I’m good at smashing Oakham’s
Razors & Out-of-the-Box cutters
so he can’t make no never minding;
but then Paper is free to have her
cover-it-up ways with me & I’m
powerless to prevent it.

Primeval philosophers, toga & sandaled peripatetics,
deadly white men walking the groves of Academe
surrounded by pan-o-ramic de-construction (wars &
peace, rape & rapture, children talking back to elders,
luxury & lasciviousness seemingly out of sync with
cosmic order) would, like Penelope, unravel the weave
of moves, motives & e-motives, question everything as
well as authorities, a pre-cartesian strategy called
elenchus which, they pursued fearlessly to bring them to the
same conclusions of Scissors, Paper and Rocks gone
wild and horribly wrong:


Damned if We Do & Damned if We Don’t Do.
We’re screwed royally. No exit.

Can you imagine and understand how this state-of-mind
(a-poria: no pores, no openings, no exit) was a consummation
devoutly desired by philosophical wanna-bees, realizing how
damaged & damaging it is to be alive,


A Conviction of Original Spin: the awesome awful near
impossible seeming state of oooo myyyy gawwwwd:
Not-only-No-Denial-but No In-Denial either considered
pre-requisite to the Beginnings of the Practice of Philosophy:
(or “religion” if not collapsed, conflated & confused with
what’s already always in place)

Any state prior to A-poria is a State of In-Denial
characterized by expostulations:

Look, if we just figure THIS out we can
Get IT Right & avert disaster-in-our-terms
& make the world a better place calling for
cutters, cover-up artists & crushers
to Just Say Ne to our cutting, covering, &
crushing habitattoos of humania stopping the
cycle of reconstruction going on and on and on

(Denial that’s
there’s a way
out of the pox.)

I say:
Just say NO to
just say no just
saying no to just
saying no.

A-Poria. In our endings is our beginnings.

xxxooo, Presbyter. ok—all this is awkward
& ungainly, offensive to the conscientious and
ridiculous to the smarty-pants. I’m just trying to
reconfigure how we address our Sustain Ability
issues, best I can & always for the sake of argument.
WIP it. Workprogram In Process.

xxxooo, Sam

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