Saturday, June 23, 2007

In School Mode (THinking Outside the Box)

In School Mode

not to be collapsed, conflated,
or confused with either
Church or State modes
(& how come them 2 can never
Just Get Along?)

Thinking Outside the Box

It’s not the box I can think outside of
that counts. It’s the box I’m in I don’t
know I’m in that would count if it
could be counted but it can’t and
that’s why it does.

Purgation of Pity & Fear

Mostly pain of others doesn’t touch
me. I look unmoved: fear naught &
pity disappears from flies on children,
raccoons spread-eagled across Rt. 70,
suicide bombing a market place with
tooth-less women wailing & flip to
Entertainment Tonight to see if Paris
survives incarceration, or consider
panel debates on Rosie O’Donnell:
will she or won’t she succeed Bob
Barker & The Price is Right?


‘Sallgood says SnoopDawg &
Alexander Pope too: whatever IS
is good & that makes me a better
operating & working assumption
than the other way around or com-
promise between axes of evil &
goodness gracious and who’s to
say? All cultural relatives & all in
the family from Jane Goodall’s stand
point of view: monkey business going
on & I don’t want to miss a trick due
to short circuitry in my bias & belief
systemic prejudice & conviction.

Epimenides, the Cretan

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