Monday, July 16, 2007

Opposites Detract

(to breathe together)

Inspiration may be a form
of super-consciousness or
perhaps of sub-consciousness—
I wouldn’t know. But I am
sure that it is the antithesis
of self-consciousness.
Aaron Copeland

Thesis & Antithesis. I imagine
them so as to be sure I can tell
them as parts. Polarize so they
don’t bleed together & I expect
no sympathy between the 2:
worlds apart & incommensurate.

I see them bumping into each
other at the Crossroads, waiting
for police, polite & politically
correct, to come rule, regulate,
& rectify those not in love.

T & A repair to Do Drop Inn,
smoke it over an after noon’s
delight. Will they Just Get Along?
Rivals or Reciprocators? Dominant
Matrix or Shifting Paradigmatics?

He says she says & I see where it’s
going. How else come to terms with
Thesis & Anti-thesis, +/- self-conscious
ratios & the ongoing Conspiracy of
Perspiration & Inspiration to determine
who’s in charge and who’s on third?


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