Monday, July 23, 2007

Representing Representation


The presenting form
of any
religion is its
mass of popular


(Annie Dillard,
For the Time Being)

To be Blissful you must
Be in California by way
of Sacramento & Santa
Cruz. Tattoos won’t suffice
or sandals & hibiscus pants;
anyone can dress Californian
but that don’t get you from
Kansas or Connecticut to
land’s end & the cities of
angels & St. Francis.

You must die first
not just pretend

In New Mexico in 1978
the face of Jesus arose
in a tortilla. An auto parts
store in Progresso, Texas
attracted crowds when
an oil stain on the floor
resembled the Virgin Mary.

Look: I’m sorry,
I got to have
standing for
standing for
standings to
stand up,
stand out!

But standing-fors are
not what-it-is they
stand-for standing
for & yet I got to
have them: I’m sorry.

At a Nashville coffee
shop named Bonjo Java,
a cinnamon bun came out
looking like Mother Teresa—
the nun bun, papers called it.

There is an enormous foot
print of Buddha, too, in
Luang Prabang,

Don’t laugh:
suddenly, a time
comes when it's
comic divine.

For the time being:
Be in California

Guy Simon was a
Presbyterian minister
in Michigan. He sailed
some friends out on
Lake Charlevoix;
boat capsized and
child and a man

After he got ashore,
he walked up and
down the beach,
clapping his hands
together and saying,
“Oh, pshaw!
Oh, pshaw!”


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