Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mission Impossible

My Humanities Division

Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today...

In School Mode: how to tell
a Humanities Division apart
from a Cadre of Scientists,
and a Conservatory of Artists
so as to not conflate the 3
institutions & their industries,
priorities, agendae, procedures
& method-o-logic: their Ways
of Knowing, Ways of Showing,
Ways of Talking so as to turn
up the Differences and put
them in play?

Take, say, Mother Teresa’s
Dark Night of the Soul,
recently revealed in the process
of her canonization.

How would Science People talk
about this phenomena? The Artists?
The Humanity Division?

Radically incommensurate
assessments, true? if justice
is to be done among the

In School Mode

Imagine the conversation
I wonder if you can:
Sally Science
Albert Art
Hilary Humanities
over lunch in Glad:

“How ‘bout that Mother Teresa!”
says Hilary and so it goes,
beginning again the
origins of the
universe of

It isn’t hard to do.

"[But] as for me, the silence
and the emptiness is so great,
that I look and do not see,
— Listen and do not hear —
the tongue moves but does
not speak ... I want you to
pray for me — that I let
Him have [a] free hand."

It’s Mission Impossible I serve:
blind & deaf clod of unknowing
leaning in to listen unceasingly
incessantly precarious.

On the other hand: confident &
fearful, anxious & cheerful,
aware & oblivious, on
whom nothing is loss
& all is lost & all is
lost & all manner
of things: lost.

xxxooo, Presbyter

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