Saturday, August 11, 2007

Or What's a College For?

Wait’ll the Committee g
ets a load of this!
We’ll raise some awareness,
dialogue, back& forth:
get a sustainable

On the one hand:

Ptolemaic Earth-Centric
Global Systemic Sustaining
Village & Local Volunteer
Fire Department Organization.

You guys gather by the
rope swing & the new
stone wall.

On the other hand:

Galilei Galileo & the Telos
Scopics Constellating Good
Heavens & the Plethora of
Many Worlds & Universes

You guys meet with Professor
Collins on the Spidel viewing
deck, overlooking the saw mill
and dig.


Ok Ok: Dear Colleagues, you can
improve my terms and images. I’m
as usual trying to set-up distinctions
so we can argue (best sense:
Gk.argos —building up a shared
“shining”) or what’s a college for?

has become our

The biggest weasel-word in the world
at present. It can mean anything. May
we, can we: shake IT down and build
IT back up for our own selves? Cogito
Ergo Spam? Because we can!
Think locally. Such a sacred
cash cow.

Draw a circle around what-we-do:

Forget about fluorescent light bulbs, hybrids,
Leeds certified buildings & grounds & stuff
like that which we already model and have
received our reward, nestled in the Blue Ridge
with 1,000 acres & photogenic landscapes:
an environmental PR dream. We’re a
poster child. Comes with the territory
we inherited. Place.

But pedagogically

Where’s our local list & assessment of
Pedagogical Unsustainable Practice s

Because we wouldn’t be frantic about
SUSTAINABILITY if our ways of
knowing & learning (our own Environ
Mental studies & leadership programs)
hadn’t contributed if not brought us to
this pickle. Yes? Need we argue?

Our Ways of Doing-What-We-Do…

[not just our buildings & grounds
for crying out loud: ecological &
economical, sure—obviously:
surface concerns & important:
bottom line of the Mazlovian
Pyramid. ]

the Powers that Be

Will the Sustainability Committee turn
inwards, introspective, recursive & reflective
so as to maybe see how close to the source
of global warming we might could get right
here: a consideration of our local educational
food back processes & practices given the
exponential space/time re-configurative media
changes and yet school is ESSENTIALLY
what-it-was when Miles Standish was helping
me cheat through 10th grade math?

Environ Mentalism

I’m more interested in the increasing
number of ADD and hyper students
trialing diagnoses of learning disability:
dyslectic and anorectic, bulimic and
dys-morphic, anxious & depressed,
cutters, addictive joggers still smoking
despite our scolding and banishment
& how that supplies my local food for
thought—than I am in Al Gore/ Bono
collaborations for raising awareness in
Arizona & other points of the global village.

I don’t hesitate to beg questions and overstate,
knowing any one here can improve my terms
and images and am always asking for it.
Begging, actually. Or what’s a college for?

xxxooo, Sam

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