Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dear Doctors of Philsophy

Dear Doctors of Philosophy
[got to choose yr Doctor:
Doctor give me
the news
( got a bad case of loving you)]

(I.E. yek + L. partire)
is literally a Game of Division:
separating wholes into
parts & parties.

“Jeopardy” is sibling kinship
rivals & all in the family with
“time,” & glad “tidings”

(all notions sprung from the I.E.
root: da, dai: to separate, divide,
which we know as the first move
in conquering.)

The heart of thinking: to draw
distinctions, to discriminate:
necessary crimes of fashioning:
distinguishing “this” from “that”
—differentiating. A rip-off really,
violence to the “whole.”.

(“The violent bear IT away” refers
to the “kingdom within,” yes? Life
of the Mind, Minding, true? Not to be
collapsed, conflated & confused with
polite policed body politic-ing: but call
it mindfulness --a matter of discrete
minute particular-ization &


“cutting the beast neatly at the joints,
with minimum blood and gristle,”
so to speak.)

The other heart of thinking =
relating what-is-separated,
OR (more likely)
thoughtlessly ignoring & throwing
away parts & parcels that don’t
suit my aims, purpose, objective,
agenda: Twain’s damaging

“damned moral sense”

Yes? I like this!
No—not that!
That’ll never do:
off to the cellar
with you, off to the attic —my
oikos logic, & economy &
efficient attention deficiency..


The heart of academics:
to argue IT OUT—
keep IT in play:
collegial hackysacking, yes?
No win. No lose: Amateurism
Love of the Game
in School Mode
(not to be collapsed, conflated
& confused with
Church Or State Mode.

liberal art
not to be collapsed, conflated or
confused with the liberal arts, please

(Drawing distinctions, here. You
got a problem with that? Trying to
keep them all in the air, damnit .
Need we argue?)

xxxooo, Presbyter

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