Saturday, September 15, 2007

Double Double

Me & My Grade Gun
I get a LOT more done
With it than Without.

Courses Without Borders (cont.)

Dear Language-ers, Fiction-ers,
Liberal Artists & Doctors of
Philosophy in physics, chemistry,
biology, sociology, economics,
history, literature, religion, &
philosophy if not medicine:
toga bearers & toga-ettes,
peripatetic & stoic.

So every sentence has to do two
things at once: convey a message
and continue to negotiate

Steven Pinker, The Stuff of Thought

Double, Double: Boil & Trouble

Those 2 things-at-once are on
different “levels” of logical

take the next left,
turn off the air conditioner,
where’s the dog? pull back
30,000 troops; I did so take
out the trash! How you doon!
How ‘bout them Heels! etc.

Conveyable by various means.

What does Pinker mean
“continue to negotiate
that relationship”

OF the 2 levels:

* conveying a message

* continuing to “negotiate”
the Relationship.

WHICH counts most? Is most
important to you? Primary: comes
FIRST in Value if you Zoomerang
& assess both?

* The bottom-line level of message exchange?
* The upper level of Relationship reciprocation

Mike Message Conveyor &
Regina Relationship-Negotiator
bump into each other at the Cross
Roads; minor fender bender: they
repair to the Dew Drop Inn to have
beer and talk over their accident. Who
will dominate the converse-action?
And So What?

You are having a Battle Royale with
some Significant Other: spouse, child,
parent, friend, lover, boss, subordinate,
teacher, student, subordinate, colleague…

Which LEVEL of the converse-action will
probably be at the forefront in your frame
of mind-set as you go back & forth:

the message you want to convey?

The relationship you want to negotiate,
manipulate, cultivate, develop, sustain…

Discuss amongst your selves.

When people talk, they lay lines on each other,
do a lot of role playing,
sidestep, shilly-shally
and engage in all manner of vagueness and
innuendo. We do this and expect others to do it,
yet at the same time
we profess to long for the plain
for people to say what they mean, as simple as that.
Such hypocrisy is a human universal. Why don't people
just say what they mean?
(Pinker: Stuff of Thought)

Hypocrisy: from Gk hupokrisis—playing
a part on a stage, to answer one’s fellow
actor, to play one’s part. Where does it
ugly? A basic description, acquiring
a negative stigma?

Media on the one hand
Message on another.
Massage on yet another.

They can’t clap. Don’t share
the same level of type on the
logical hierarchy.

Got to choose my mustard.
Damnit. xxxooo Presbyter

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