Monday, October 29, 2007

Oikos Logic

Oikos Logic

Don’t Just Vote!
Stand there.

This is School Mode
Not Church or State.

Take no sides. Straddle
a fence: sober at the
Cock Tail Party,
witness to the intoxication.

Look: see— a box on all houses.
Homeland Security Systems

down. .

As if Global Warning were sexy!
The hottest issue in town. If any
one’s not into Global Warning,
they’re out of it for crying out loud.

I wake in wee hours gut full of anxiety:
ooo myyy gawd I pray out loud not
about Global Warning!

Need more movies about it. Movies
about saving Planet Gaia Earth
Deliverance. About meat eating &
its footprint cast, the damage done;
lessons on oriental lead poisoning
endangering the children’s holiday
season & the industrialized skies
blighting the far east; documents
on wild fire in Malibu, specials
describing varieties of cancer
experience & bicyclers bicycling
cross country to raise funds for

Need more movies about babies in
dumpsters & viral videos exposing
skinny girls on Survivor, tv consideration
of collagen injected into Brittany’s lips,
tummy tucks & uplift reconstructing
genitalia gone bad, deconstructed by
child birth; artificial limbs for returning
soldiers, laptop reports on Obama’s
rejection of label-pining American flags
& his neglect, during a national anthem,
to put his hand over his heart.

More movies, more mention, more coverage
of Global Warning especially it being not
just local food for thought but a global issue
significant enough to wake decent people in
the middle of the night so as to raise awareness,
get green & put it all in play, then nail it down
so as to get R done. Clearly: it’s demoralizing

How to FRAME IT so it’s top
priority, #1 concern, no one
falling asleep at the switch,
but no big deal either so as to
kick-back a PBR, pet a puppy,
take advantage of writing tutoring
workshop accessibility, mountain
biking, kayaks & camp-outs; and
yet love the discrepancies of
Cliff’s Steep Slope Communities
overlooking Rt. 71 RV & Trailer
Parks, Morris’s Used Cars, Scooter
Sales & Tires, Barber Shops, Flower
Boutiques & Pork Barbecue turning
up the paradoxes and the contra-
addictions because we know how they
hold it all together and why! We are the
champions: liberal artists not to be
collapsed, conflated, & confused with
the liberal arts, please. xxxooo, Presbyter

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