Friday, October 26, 2007

Origins of Agony in Industrialized Education


A Brief Necessary but Insufficient
Representation of the Ongoing
Origins of Agony in

A small sliver
of land in which
ancient grievances
are played out again
and again as if they held
the key to understanding
tomorrow. (Michael Elliot,
“6 Keys to Peace”)

Where I can laugh at myself
is not a problem, ha ha: where
it can’t: well that’s where it gets
interesting, maybe revealing
damnit. R. Nixon.

Once upon a point in time I visited
an Honors Class in LITERATURE
handing-out as is my want & wont
a letter-lecture jamming with pro-
fundamentalisms, clever wise-guy
cracks of insight & provocation, you
know how I try to do: initiate, inaugurate,
authorize & spark some con-verse action,
any converse-action: converse-action for
converse-action’s sakes & lord knows
some sustain if possible: hate what I
say or love it makes no never mind,
always the back & forth we cherish,
true? Or what’s a college for?

And after wonderfully appropriately
stupid silence (students studying in
stunned submission): me, looking
forward to the WORD, any word to
crack chaos & begin again & again
origins of the universe of collegiate
converse, my fellow colleague
observed with un-deniable
& yes: sustainable

Do I see here
A Split Infinitive?

Delight in the discovery of solecism!

Origins of in-the-beginnings & the
ongoing necessary yet insufficient
action of fundamentalist bottom-
line expert tease & never


crying out loud for we
know that the whole
creation groaneth
& travaileth in
pain together:
come labor
on &


A new KIND of Thinking.
A Window of Opportunity
Merely a see-thru, never a
bridge (pontification)

Liberty &
Pursuit of What’s
Happening which I
guess is always at hand,
local food so to speak & an
infinite resource: hap happening
happily & whatzup’s always the case
never NOT, no doubt, & if I like it:

If not: un-hap-y; & so pursuit’s
seemingly a matter of pursuing
conditions & conventions,
flora, fauna & people who co-
respond to my bias & belief systems,
prejudices & convictions so as to force
the issue & make HAP happen according
to my terms of desire damnit & not just
hap hazard; & if hap happens the way I
want it: happy daze, and if not: call me
silas marner miserable, holding on:
holding on to what I got.

xxxooo Presbyter

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