Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Power Point

Keeping IT Real.

This assumes Get Real has already occurred
so that Keeping It Real becomes a matter of
sustainability; not at all the same deal, these 2:
Get and Keep

Get REAL. Sure, but there are three, if you
don’t mind my saying so and insisting
(for the sake of argument):

3 Realities

if you’ll let me differentiate: a triad, of course;
but you can improve my terms and images;
for you, there may be many realities; for me:
3 is all I can juggle…

Reality I : HAP.

What’s Actually Happening,
happily of course:
and is what IT is
& it’s beyond me and all of us I bet
—but let me know if you can take it
all in. We’ll talk.

Reality II: generated & sustained by
Ways we Talk about HAP

This REAL is the World-We-Live-in, what Jung
calls Creatura; I like to call it Alma Matrix: the
ways-we- talk—our common sense: disciplines,
traditions, conventions & conveniences, caves &
closets, habits & habitats domesticizing & taming,
familiarizing HAP, so to speak, to suit our terms
of desire and species-Procrustean-Beds. Fictions
to Live By: generating our shared facts and factions.

Reality III: emerging again & again:
originating out of
Ways we talk about
Ways we talk about HAP

Look: it gets loopy here. Somewhat vertiginous.
Here is a philosophical “repentance,” (turning back
to the source of our terms & images, origins of
our representations); here is recursive self-reference
where the topic seemingly talked about is NOT the
TOPIC but merely means (media) for talking about
the ways-we’re-talking; the WAYS (not the WHATs),
fore-grounded for consideration so as to dig up
reality II assumptions built-in & hidden by a common
sense that shapes our disciplines, preserves our traditions.

Reality III mode: snuffle-up & un-cover the operating
& controlling meta force of Reality II which seals-in &
influences any practice to feel like it’s Reality I for
crying out loud so as to Get R Done, practically
speaking—or pragmatically: as you like it.

So as not to be collapsed, conflated or confused with
Reality II or Reality I realities, I characterize this
Reality (III) as: Trickster Reality, Translator Reality,
Mediator Reality, In-Betweener Reality, Hermetic
Reality, maybe Isomorphia; I sometimes call it Yin-
Yanger Reality because it is NOT yin nor yang but not
neither either and really might be said to regulate if not
govern the relationship between the other 2 plus I don’t
mind indulging my idiocy and calling IT whatever.

The more names the better, I’m sure. Whatever helps
prevent collapse, conflation, and confusion with the
other 2—so as to relate.

Douglas Hofstadter (Goedel, Escher, Bach) indicates
this realm as UN and I guess Buddhists call it MU
to indicate notno you did NOT, Can’t touch this, etc..

Not reality I (Hap) &
Not Reality II (ways of talking about hap)
I call it Reality III (ways of talking about
ways of talking about Hap: a mode.)

Metalogue (dialogue about dialogue) and
Dialectic [literally: talk which talks
across (dia) itself]:
2 other ways this reality is manifest,
a reality of conversation going on.
a conversation about conversation
meta-converse, say, talk that
talks about itself talking

(representation of dialectic going on &on)

I was saying at the outset: GET REAL assumes
one has ( by some means or other). Keeping IT
Real is a horse of another color,

Father & Mother & Uncle John
Went to market, one by one.
Father fell off! Mother fell off!
But Uncle John went on, and on,
And on, and on, and on.

A matter of sustainability, ongoing practice: a cerebral
and affective Gold’s Gym, say, working-out incessantly:
galloping a wallop, voluptuous & voluntary, whimsical &
primordial, legendary & myth-o-logical—not to be collapsed,
conflated and confused with Logic & The Analogicals.

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