Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick & Treat

My Humanities Division

No wonder I feel guilty:


Criminal Discriminator,
good & evil weaseler
judging animus always
by my own terms of

Moving violator, bottom-
line annihilator, embarrass-
mental cover-up & rip-off
artist, arbitrary specimenizer
sampling fiction-maestro,
nailing IT down crying
out loud:

“Let me make this
perfectly clear!”

Lit up lucid dreamer lighting
my own candles & cursing
darkness also quite regularly
in the name of eco-logical
spiritus mundi & the managed
mental exigencies of my brick
house: obligations devoutly to
be conspired & it's no wonder
I feel guilty: I am, greatly in debt
& full of denial in-denial: mea
culpa, mea mea culpa culpa!

What piece of work

trick & treat

xxxooo, Presbyter

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