Friday, November 16, 2007

Psyche's Photo of the Weak

2 kinds

ex officious & vox de auctoritas.

Can you tell the difference? The Relationship?
This is a Liberal Art question. Author-ness.
What Wm.Blake called generation referring to
genes and genius, “to give birth, beget”: origins
originating originally author authorizing authority
authoritatively -- messy business, dirty work
program, urgent, energetic, organic


It hurts.

A kind of pornography: these
various professional articles
on Liberal Education talking
about need for new forms,
change, innovation,
faculty leadership.

Enticing, sure. Seductive, yes.
But don’t amount to anything
except for writer & reader
getting IT on a little: ah,
that felt good.

Not that there’s
anything wrong with that!

It’s like having Parker Palmer here
c. 4 times over the past 20 years for
a brief fix—talking about courage
to teach and let your life speak:
good stuff, good stuff as
Sebastian would say
to his composition

I need it: the cheer leading
& it feels good caught up
in-the-moment, even if
not sustainable.

I ventilate. (“nirvana”— he blows!)
always in fear & trembling about
my next class. Will they engage?
Talk amongst themselves? Turn up
some argumentative edge; cut across
a piece of curriculum, walk on water
(wow) on eggs (woe) uncross their
arms and take notes against a sea of
bubbles? That is the question.

xxxooo, Presbyter

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