Friday, November 9, 2007

Of the Stars


Consider Desire

A binary relationship
of cataclysmic variables.

“A hot spot develops near the
edge of the accretion disk where
this intersection takes place.”

Don Collins physics photos of the week
always give me some thing.

It’s like walking thru a field or a mall—
my deficient attention will latch on to
a wood chuck or shining shopper, items
that suit my cerebral & affective
organization & I ignore all the

I explain to students seeking therapy, agons of
unrequited love: consider astronomy!

Professor Collins’ courses are the most considerate
& desire-able on campus, I insist: urging them to
capitalize on how-it-is both “consider” & “desire”
are sidereal, constellational notions:
of the stars.

Stella! Stella!

My own can’t-get-no-satisfaction restless urges
are alien, I advise them therapeutically: generated
by non-terrestrial cataclysmic forces & may not be
resolved in terms of mother earth warnings, polar
melt down, consensual hot spot accretions,
merging traffic collusions and a greening of
the Americas no no no.

It’s hysterical.
Alma Matrix:
the longing.
Can't help myself.

xxxooo, Presbyter

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