Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Count Ability and the Candidates

Count Ability & the Candidates

It’s not what they say that counts,
but how they say it, I say.

It’s not what they know but
whether they can put it in play.

Imagination is more important
than knowledge, says Einstein—
and he flunked some math, too so
I take it with a grain of salt.

IT’s a Mission Impossible,
no doubt:

Walk on Eggs (W.O.E) or
Walk on Water (W.O.W.)

Either way: a light fantastic.

Content is Galore.
Voice is All.

Officious or Vox de Auctoritas
A difference that makes a difference.
I can hear it in the way they talk.
Not so much in the what.

author authorizing
authority authoritatively

Always For the Sake of
Argument--if not play
(local food).

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