Monday, January 21, 2008

fear: what is it?

Sam, do we know what is fear?

Gut gripping grind & grrrr, visceral
warning & anticipation; doubt doubling
2nd & 3rd thoughts thinking, great gaping
yawns of apprehension, sweat and anxiety,
surround-sound all pervasive permeate
panoramic panic. Sense of discrepancy,
incontinuity, incapacity, threat of exposure.
Ruin. Fear un-encouraged failure.

Homeostatic regulator:
too much fear = despair;
too little fear = mania.

From the Indo European root, per :
"moving through", "passing through":
a thru-ness.

Ex: from the thruness.

See "peril" and "pirate."
All in the fear family.
A passing thru
experience to
become an

Definitely a factor in my performance.
Would I want to be free at last?
Dis-connected? Numb?
Patient? Anesthetized?
Purged of pity & fear:
a catharsis devoutly
to be desired?


Me: behind bars, my
studies & readership
programs: to die for.
I'm afraid right now.

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