Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Heart of the Heart of the Country

We Build This City

Where there is much desire to learn
there of necessity will be much arguing,
much writing, many opinions; for
opinion in good myn is but knowledge
in the making. J. Milton (eng. major)

We are all agreed that your theory
is crazy. The question which divides
us is whether it is crazy enough to
have a chance of being correct.
My own feeling is that it is not
crazy enough. No, no, you're not
you're just being logical.

How wonderful that we have met
with a paradox. Now we have
some hope of making progress

You’d think with talk like this, Neils
Bohr could be an Eng. Major; he’s not
even English but Nobel Prize winning
physicist from melancholy Denmark.
We have a pig named after him on
the farm. Kneels Boar.

Because of his words and attitude I
declare him honorary Eng Major
& nominate him for

Academic Citizen Shipment
Across the Curriculum

not to be confused with Church or
State kinds of citizenship, yes?
—not that they are not related
but that they differ in order that
they may be related & that we
might relate them: —how else
would relays and ratios, reason &
relationship emerge if there were
no fundamental differences to be
turned up: put into play?

As Academic Citizenry
(School-ers, Leisure Time Activists)

maybe we can agree from the start.
Or argue from the start. Or agree to
argue agreeably or even disagreeably
as long as, overall, we can sustain
some agree-ability about our dis-
agree-mentalities & the value of
argue-mental studies & readership
programs: fundamental & requisite
for academic citizenship in building
this city of rocks & rolls.

Do you think I am just playing with
words? Or course I am in manners
of speaking, so to speak.

“A word is such a complicated
thing that we couldn’t possibly
hope to represent it by a
mathematical symbol.

A mathematical symbol can only
represent that discrete aspect of
the word which is at the center
of our thoughts.

And so we are suspended in language
in such a way that we cannot say
what is “up” and what is

Neils Bohr: playing with words above
and below. The opposite of a profound
truth may well be another profound truth,
he said. While the opposite of a correct
statement is a NOT-correct one.

And the difference between profound
on the one hand and correct/incorrect
on the other hand is …

which would you rather be?
Correct or profound ? Choose.
We can argue. Improve our terms and images.

Citizen E. Major.

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