Saturday, January 19, 2008

Reading & Writing & Arithmatic


“Clarity is not a virtue. If everything

you say is detailed and explicit, you
won’t give your collaborators room
to run. Put ideas out there that are
half-baked, Ideas where you’re not
even sure what it means yet. "

Put yourself in an
environment that
rewards failure.

(This place is not for everyone but

maybe you’re not for every one either)

from Collaborative Genius, Keith Sawyer


On a day when stocks were pushed down another
3 percent, all major players in Washington agreed
on the need for putting extra money into people’s
hands quickly. Edmund Andrews, NY Times 1/18/08

“Forgive my rant, Ed, but you encouraged this, you
taught us the difference between anger and rage—
how anger turns in on ourselves while sacred rage
creates something useful and at times even beautiful—
the art of healthy discourse
with humor, always
with humor.”

Terry Tempest Williams, preface to
Edward Abbey: Postcards from Ed.

“We need the vast world, and it must be a world that
does not need you; a world constantly capable of
surprising us, a world we did not program, since
only such a world is the proper object
of wonder.” Mary Midgley

“Mary Midgley, aged 81, may be the most frightening
philosopher in the country: the one before whom it is
least pleasant to appear a fool. One moment she sits by
her fire in Newcastle like a round-cheeked tabby cat;
the next she is deploying a savage Oxonian precision
of language to dissect some error as a cat dissects a
living mouse.

She believes that philosophy matters, perhaps especially
to the people who think it is merely a garnish on the brute
facts of life - "like the bed of tulips in front of a nuclear
power station", as she puts it with typical vividness. That
is why she is so much fun to read and why she has become
the foremost scourge of scientific pretension in this country:
someone whose wit is admired even by those who feel she
sometimes oversteps the mark.”

Andrew Brown “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary”
Guardian Sat. Review

Reading & Writing

Always Odds & Ends.

IT’s like walking thru a field or a mall. If there’s no
gun to my head: a few things stand out and provoke
—calling out my efficient attention and natural selection.
All the rest: ignored—a deficiency I can’t deny but do.

Crime of discrimination to the whole. A rip-off.
Moving violation—bearing IT away.
No wonder I feel guilt all the time.
It makes good sense. I can’t
do justice.

xxxooo, Presbyter

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