Thursday, May 14, 2009

In Scool Mode: Question Everything

Except “Grading.” Sacred Cow.
Burning Bush. Back Bone and
Super Structure for the Support
System. Take off shoes and walk
Softly. Inhale.

This is the moment in time when
analogical process is translated to

A mystery.

Transubstantiation: what was spirit
of the whole: now a number; as
Women’s Studies people like to
say: a manifestation.
An embodiment.


I confess to an awesome schizophrenia,
split down the muddle & torn between
loving the conscientious on the one hand
and the too-cool-for-schooling on the
other & I can’t say which I appreciate

“My advisor told me, ‘You’re taking a
Scoville course? Give your self an “A”
and forget class.’”

That makes good sense.
Take the credit and run.

“A classroom without rules and grade
guns may be peaceful, but God, we need
a little tension, a little pressure, a little
heat, to get anywhere.”

Good sense.
Common sense.

Leave no child behind on the one hand.
Screwem if they can’t take a joke or
juggler on the other.

Good sense.
Tears me up and
down the middle—
these opposing truths. .

Takes a village to raze our idiosyncrasies.
Black plastic over our strawberry patch.

I used to feel awful if one or two hated
my courses. Now, I’m grateful if a few
love it.

Never the less: I feel awful.

“He who would do good to another
must do it in Minute Particulars.
General Good is the Plea of the
Scoundrel, Hypocrite, and Flatterer;
For Art and Science cannot exist
but in minutely organized Particulars.”

(Wm Blake, that Devil)


  1. You have taught many students much.

    You're a wonderful teacher, Mr. Scoville.

  2. Gracias, Anonymous. Hope your
    are doing well.