Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Critique of Impure Consciousness: of
Rationalism, & the Age of Reasons Why

It’s an epistemological embarrassment but never
the less an addiction that we easily confuse
systemic KNOWING (what the whole
body knows) in terms of our highly privileged
ego-conscious knowing. You may experience
this embarrassment any time you hear us describe
in minute conscious and rational detail what
actually are unconscious autonomic and
automatic processes. Or what

(Ask your self: how can consciousness
KNOW the UN-CONSCIOUS —which rules—
without reducing it to conscious process, like
talking about sphere in terms of a flat line?)

What does it take to lift a finger? tongue-tap the
alveolar ridge? maintain the valved hum of a
low-back vowel? the glide of a voiced glottal?
How do I sustain such unconscious capabilities
& environed mentalism? Fred Flatlander
will tell you. Ronny Rational.

Am I aware my voiced-to-voiceless alveolar
fricative plural-variations depend upon—are
governed by—the environmental conditions
of the final segments of the noun I
unconsciously pluralize? How
do I do this? Know this?

Manners of speaking about
manners of speaking so to speak.
A convenience. A convention..

Once Faulkner & Joyce exposed their streams of
unconsciousness offending my linear habit of
beginnings, middles, & endings; and then MTV,
damnit, began generating constellations of imagery
non sequitur to whatever lyrical sequence was
going on & on: my sense of Show & Tell took a
hit, ambushed by internal providential explosive
devices until it became clear to me what a merely
convenient truth a sequence is—& because & affect.

the whole iceberg;
and then merely
the tip & now
only a snow
ball squat
on top
the tip is
how I’ve
come to see my


or sitting in a plastic
kiddy seat beeping
a rubber horn as
if driving the auto-
mobile: a convenient

Watch out:
Coming thru.

to save the
world with Buick
intentions, I’s berg
aspirations, & a
snow ball’s
chance in


a miner’s lamp;
me: assessing
the true nature
of dark.


this little lite
of mind: I’m
gonna let it
shine let it
shine: my
total eclipse
of the sum.

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