Thursday, June 11, 2009

Idiocy on the One Hand

Talk about Talk

(Would you rather be: idiotic or social-istic? )

Idiolect: that’s the word for how you talk and
sound: you personally. From IDIOS: personal,
private, no-2-snowflakes-alike uniqueness.
The words “idiot,” idiocy,” and
“idiosyncrasy” come from this

The degree to which I draw on my personal,
private & unique images and imagination,
thoughts & ideas at the expense of common
sense, the more and more of an IDIOT
I am.

On the other hand—the more I conform
to the common sense, the colloquial,
conventional, & the less idiosyncratic
I am:: the more SOCIAL

double binary dualistic
dynamic in the middle of which
idiocy on the one hand, “socios-cy”
on the other hand. And which hand
am I going to salute & serve? Which team?

Self-Reliance or Collective Conformity?
Idiotic Willfulness or Social Justice?
Independence or Common Cause?

You think this is a foe dichotomy?
Or course it is. Maybe you feel
the distinction—agonistic
antagonistic. Agony.,

You can improve
my terms and images. Turn it up.
Put it in play. Don’t be too quick
to collapse, conflate, and confuse
these 2 Hawkinsian “economies.”.

"No man can serve two magisterys"

Addressing this opposition and the
nature of the DIFFERENCE and
the possibilities of RELATIONSHIP
between the 2 is what I call the
Liberal Art.

Otherwise: the sound of one hand
clapping. You know what
THAT sounds like. Fury. .

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