Friday, June 5, 2009

Laptop Dancing

Worth 1,000 Pictures

If I could say it I
wouldn't have to
dance it.
Isadora Duncan

If I could show it
I wouldn't have to
tell it.

No show!
So, see:

Show me the movies,
not the telling:

Apparently, if it can't
be danced, then forget
about it--telling don't
amount to squat tag.

Acting speaks louder
than words: everyone
says & I beg to differ
but lack defense against
the actors acting, only
my offense.offending.

Sounds are furry
insist the popular
mind & common
practical sense..

Judges on So You Think
You Can Dance
are more
articulate than those on
American Idol--but still

Nothing But Words
washing the sweaty,
breathless bodies
of young dancers,
hands behind their
backs, hoping to
advance another
round to end up
America's Favorite
Dancer if you can
tell the dancer from
the dance.

Dance, dance:
all she wants to do.

Such a disappointment,
& we had expectations:
you've got to try harder
& bring it on,
says Mia;
otherwise I'm gonna cut
you: you know that...

If I could dance it
I wouldn't have to
talk about it: show
& not be telling all
the time after time..

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