Friday, June 19, 2009

No Problem

He seems to have read great books
as if they were local food for thought.


reading great works not as a scholar
but as a starving artist.


being around such starvation.

Would it look different than being
around Ethiopians suffering drought,
bellies distended, flies batting around
large eyes?

Einstein says there’s no absolving a problem
inside the terms of thought and talk used to
generate it: got to operate with immaculate
conceptions—not just the formational
concepts floating around already at
hand, the ones that got us to where
we’re at in the first place.


Common sense tells me it’s inconceivable
to conceive of inconceivable notions —terms
of thought & talk not contaminated by standard
operating procedures, what we call thinking out
of the box as if we could: it’s not the outside
I can think outside-of that’s outside I need to
think outside-of, know what I’m saying: it’s the
outside-of I can’t think outside-of that I need
in these troubled, tumultuous
& turbulent times.

Thinking the un-thinkable in other words,
imagining the unimaginable, a mission
impossible any secret agent willingly
assumes if not phdegreed & embarrassed
by the discipline, constrained by the
rules and rubrics of engagement not
that there’s anything wrong with THAT.

Outside the box. looks like foolishness from
inside the box. Looks like axes of evil—if
it’s really outside. Ridiculous to the savvy;
offensive to the conscientious. Like playing
soccer for Iran wearing the Green much to
the dismay of the Supreme Leader, say, who
just now proclaimed the elections fair. ..

So we can’t get there from here as the farmer
tells the tourist, lost and trying to get back
home. Like going to conferences on
educational reform to read papers
convened in conventional conditions
with bullet presentations, cash bars &
documented travelexpenses (leave no item
undeclared) same as it always was and we
can’t think for thinking if we think we
don’t have the funding & some sponsored
spontaneity necessary to be thinking about it.

We seem to be doing ok here however, so
No Problem!

Nothing to absolve, no reason to throw
thought and talk into confusion, helter
skelter converse-action scurring across
the curriculum: no need for stochastic
process to see who knows what new
terms & images might emerge from a
washing machine rub-a-dub scrubbing
free play for crying out loud: unheard of
& unimagined here-to-for noggin notions
no one in his right mind would have
predicted flying in like swallows, crows,
buzzards, lady & lightening bugs, moths
to the porch light, winged insects & the
sound of a little night musings: back porch
old-timey hoot nanny nanny jam-practicing
whiskey before breakfast, soldiers joy,
over the waterfall: plinkety plunk & kazoos
as welcome as trombones, washboard & gut
bucket bass transforming transforms

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