Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Yr Womens' Studies

Not Your Women’s Studies

Things (res) actually always begin in the middle.
That’s the secret to in medias res: the way epic starts,
always in the middle rather than “in the beginning.”

The early stuff, throw-back and atavistic, gets
acknowledged over the course of narration.

Genealogy sometimes: list of fore fathers if not
mothers and their deeds.

But the point is: wherever I start, in the muddle over rides
my bias for beginnings & endings. So I Be Here Now, see:
in the muddle with Joy. Un-postponed..

Conversation Inter-Ruptus.

Reading philosophy is like reading fiction with no characters.
Reading spirits, ideas, fleshless abstraction, no bodies.
Holy Ghost stories. No character, personae, no plot,
no settings—prior to “in the beginnings”

Fiction, nonetheless. Before history & story: pre-venient.

Finally Mind says

“Hell with this, damnit:let me say it this way then:
once upon a time Or: ‘Say there’s this guy, see;
and a woman: they collide at the crossroads….

I like reading philosophy because it’s disembodied.
More than one idea at time occupies the same space
Not the case when I character-Ize, manifest, embody,
tell me a story.

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