Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Teacher/Course Evaluations

Teacher/Course Evaluations

Need I say more?

Ye who live by the grade-gun,
die by the grade-gun.


The “satan” prosecutor
prosecuting in a Hebraic
court of law.

J’ai accuse:

here’s what I didn’t do;
here’s what I did do.

Whole-istic Accusation.

You can rightly accuse me for not
doing what I didn’t do because I was
doing what I did; and you can accuse
me also for doing what I did do instead
of doing what I didn’t.

Double indemnity.

Always damned, damnit: a given. It’s the
denial and cover up that generates my
psychic toxic waste and thickens my
bozone layer.

I stand accused:

damaged & damaging if I did it;
damaged & damaging if I didn’t.
Anything less would be half-fast.

Years ago a student gave me a slip
of paper with the remark: “I don’t
the secret for success, but
I know the
formula for failure:
try to please everybody.”

But I want to. Everybody.
Or at least impress. Go ahead:
fail me now.


When was the last time you used that word?

Like TEMPERATURE is to Hot and Cold:
OCCLUSION is to Include and Exclude.


Let “c” stand for a little cave. Small culture,
if you want: convention inside a culture, closet
inside a convention inside a culture inside a cave.

Within that Culture of the Letter C—imagine
what is included and all the rest excluded by
inclusion: left out by virtue of not being .
called in.

Don’t have to get specific.
It’s not the WHAT that counts here
(what’s in, what’s out) but the action
of in & ex in-&-ex-ing.
And what kind
of imagination might hold both the included
and excluded without doing injustice to either
or showing preference?

Willy but not Nilly.

Willy-Willy, say; where what is willed and
what is (by virtue of the act of will) not-willed,
is also willed. “Sallgood as Snoop and Pope
would say. Imagine.

Like paying full attention to the figure but also
paying equal attention to the background.
and not doing injustice to either.

I might get good at this, but here’s the point:
the more my attention-efficient focus is on
what I include, including my Gold’s Gym
capacity to include both inclusion &
exclusion: the more I occlude the
rest, the whole--b blinder and
deafer to the whole deal by
virtue of my exquisite lucid
scheming. Luciferous.

Do you see the problem?
What I’m talking about?
Occluding by including
& excluding..


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