Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ways of Talking 102

Evolutionary Talk.

A gap, an abyss—unbridgeable—
between the generate and the
unregenerate, between reborn,
born again, renaissance-ed,
on the one hand &, on the
other hand: not.

OH, Evolve!

The bumper sticker on one
of our librarian cars: I take it
personally every day driving


Imagine Ellen Evolutionary
and Ronnie Revolutionary
bumping into each other at
the crossroads—both auto-
mobiles totaled, say.

(A heuristic of mind: slipping
into mytho-logic, personifying
my notion of dialectical process:
once upon a time as if….

Need a thesis & antithesis, yes?
Protagonist & antagonist. Neils
Bohrs’s profound truth and its
opposing profound truth. and
I can’t have them Just Getting
Along either, true?)

Ellen and Ronnie proceed to
so as to smoke IT over: their
collision: figure out who’s to
blame, who’s innocent, who’s
fault, damnit, determining
reasons why, because & affect,
scape-goating: Ronnie and
inquiring minds want to know. .

Ellen, let’s say, knows better.

Tell me how else you work out the
distinction between the evolving
and the revolving, the regenerated
and un-regenerated mind minding

What? You make no distinction?
Nothing to be said then. All
one & the same.

I say there’s an unbridgeable gap,
an abyss, abysmal, between the 2
economies, eco-systems, houses,
Ways of Thinking and Talking—
represented by Ellen Evolve &
Ronnie Revolve (Sally Sphere &
Fred Flatland, Irene Irrational &
Reggie Rational: allo- variations
on this manifest distinction.).

Ronnie, Fred & Reggie’s going to
be reducing Ellen, Sally & Irene to
their own Flat Land Rationalized
Terms? How else make their sense?….
Got to be a rational-ization, true?
Round &
round &

Oh Revolve!


Unbridgeable. Think about it:
if it were bridged, the distinction
would be annihilated. Talking
Eternal Verities, here: logic.
Absolute discrete differences;
not your real-time mix & analogy.

Bridge-it & it’s All ONE like an
un-annihilated tower of Babel
collapsing the gap between
Heaven and Earth: Earth-
izing Heaven would be
one of the possibilities.

Heaven-izing Earth: another.
Both conflating, collapsing,
and confusing the distinction.
Putting it to rest, I guess.

Peace on earth where there
were pierces piercing

You say it your way.
One might could talk
of an emerging phenomena:
neither earth-ized nor heaven-o-rama?
Beyond goodies and weasels, something
evolving out of the agon(y) between the 2.
Neither mother earth nor farther heaven,
neither Good nor Evil, neither Evolution
nor Revolution.

What kind of talk is this? Babel? Babble?
Though I squeak with tons of angles but
can’t put it in play: I am a clanging ass
and gong show. And if I understand all
mysteries and all knowledge and have faith
to move mountains but can’t put it in play:
I am phdegreed. And though I bestow all
my goods to feed the poor, commit to eco-
socio-principles, give my body to be burned
and buy a hybrid rather than a truck & yet
don’t know how to play for crying out loud,
it profiteth me nothing.

Ronnie Revolutionary must read this in
his revolutionary, rational & flatland terms.
Unregenerate. Un-renaissanced. A
revolutionary is all.

Ellen Evolutionary will include Ronnie’s
understanding & what Ronnie occludes:
her noblesse obliged grace & charity.
With love. In love.

The gap between the 2 versions: abysmal.
Not bridgeable. Even what I’m saying
right be here now makes no never mind.
Incomprehensible, the distinctions:
foolish. Faux. Foe. Ridiculous to
the smarty pants; offensive to
the conscientious.Nonsense
if not no sense at all.

I could do better if I were in love.
Oh, evolved.

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