Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why the Chicken Crosses the Road

Dear Colleagues,

Talking about Ways to Think & Talk about
Transformative Learning. which I presume
to be Liberal Art and not to be collapsed,
conflated and confused with the liberal arts:
white-collar vocationalism--useful, instrumental,
get-R-done technologic, not that there’s
anything wrong with THAT..

Taking a clue from Einstein: that the thought
& talk that makes our boxes is probably not
the kind of thought & talk that shows their
out sides; and that transformative learning,

out-of-the-box-while-still-in -the-box
(in the whirl but not of it),

carries the challenge of necessarily discerning
and differentiating among modes of thought-
&-talk so as not to confuse the T&T that
created the boxes with Jack

Otherwise it’s something like wearing clown
shoes while trying to pick balloons up off the floor,
or discussing student-centered classrooms using
power- point bullet-articulated presentations to
people with name tags.

Talking about transformative learning here,
which, don’t you think we’d have to talk about
it a lot, if not talking about how we’re going to
talk about it, if we want to distinguish it from the
non-transformative learning which is “the given,”
the dominant paradigm as we say , the surrounding
environmentalism, so as to figure out how to talk
about it in ways that don’t confuse it with the
ways we normally talk about education: number
of majors, needs for new courses & faculty,
sabbatical funding, faculty development, grants
possibilities, infra-structure, attendance & grading
consistencies & inflation, faculty & course
evaluations, measurable aims, objectives &

Talk. Talk. Talk. A lot of talk needed. Probably too
much for retreats or hallway & luncheon discussions
task force committees or forum, diller-a-dollar four
o’clock scholars. Might could be doing it on-line:
sustainable & sustaining twitter (media of revolutions
these days, if not evolution) like I’m doing right now
to illustrate once & again & again for all why the
chicken crossed the road.

( To prove to the possum it’s possible.) .

Always: for the sake of argument.
Any one can improve my terms and images.
Or what's a colleague for?

xxxooo, Sam

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