Thursday, July 9, 2009

Phatic Rules

Phatic Rules

(as in Dominates)

Face Book, negotiating

relationships rather than

Taking Care of Business

Oh, there’s some TCB

going on, but mostly

what Malinowski calls

Phatic Communion:

words merely tokens

for Relationship, status

& strokes sustainability:

Sup! How you doon!

How ‘bout them heels!

Cute kids! Where you at!

Take it easy! Be well!

Peace! Shalom

Namaste! E=

MC Square

Not message but massage

counts: stroking some

common sense of cool

or thatzhot: affect trumping

intellect: phatic more than

emphatic, cultivating Relationship

the guts behind any exchange:

see me hear me touch me

feed me


Man IS an Island

texting toward Jerusalem

to be born again and again. .


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