Thursday, July 30, 2009

Presbyterian Themes (part 1)

Dear Colleagues,

Too Late the Misanthrope?

Your goodness must have some edge to it, — else it is none.

The doctrine of hatred must be preached as the counteraction
of the doctrine of love when that pules and whines. I shun
father and mother and wife and brother, when my genius
calls me. (Emerson. “Self Reliance.”)

Presbyterian Themes

Ah, the Humanities

The good news (gospel):
I am unloving &

Actually THAT’s not the
good news, that’s a given.

The good news: that I know it.
Wretched wretch like me.

Used to didn’t know it,
couldn’t conceive it.
Now I know that I

Good news. (Amazing!)

Bolt from the blue: an
immaculate conception.
Nothing in the environment
of humaniac outlook &
discourse propagates the
wretched un-lovability
of the species. O

How could it? All Cretans are liars.
PLUS: we’ve passed the Age of
Enlightenment and Reasons Why.
and it’s all like love, love, love and
no wonder it’s impossible to realize
truth swimming in-denial, cover-up
& Oprah wind free. :It’d be like
asking Joe Fish to conceive of
wet, let alone dry (ab-solut) .

Revelation. Apocalyptic.

Once known, it’s all good, makes
perfecting good sense. Check it out.
It, I said. Do I have to always be
spelling IT out?

Resounding gong show,
clanging symbols, mountain
moving impatience, easy anger
tracking wrongs, empty prophecy,
faux mystery fathoming—delight
in the axes of evil moving through
gas darkly: c’est moi, make no
mistake.Without love: all of
the above.

Unloving & unlovable:
beer drinking with police,
professors, and presidents
not with standing. .

No more faking it. need apply.
That right there is what generates my
psychic toxic waste. know what I’m saying?
Thickens my bozone layer.

I am unloving.
I am unlovable.
That’s a start. Renaissance.
Born again in the us of A
for crying out loud,


The congressman on Chris Matthews kept talking
about the crux of the matter as he explained his
resolution to congressionally force an apology
from Obama—his stupid remark about the stupidity
of the Cambridge Police. The crux of the matter was
the principle of the thing: the rights of the citizen to
be protected from stupid presidential slander. Checks
& Balances, the congress man insisted. We’ll take it
to committee. We’ll draft a resolution. It’s only right.
Crucial, he said.

Unless Barack backs off, apologizes for his bias—
talking without all the facts..

Torn between 2 unlovable lovers, Me, Myself, &
Ego —that triad! Picture it: hanging there. Un-willful
suspension of this belief and that. On the one hand etc.
Damaged & damaging if I do damaged & damaging
if I don’t.. Me in the corner, My self in the spotlight:
abusing my religion. I know this.I admit it.
That’s the good news. Gospel truth.

My Ego is in a blessed state of crucifixion-going-on.
Hurts so good. Losing my religion, homeland securities,
distant early warning missile defense.

Could just be old age, Love cracking me
open while still alive to tell the tale.

“Not honestly, though:
A simple honesty is nothing but a lie.”

Tell it slant, then.
As Lightening to the
Children eased
With explanation kind

xxxooo Presbyter

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