Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sustaining My Environ Mentality

Principle of Least Effort

Concept that an entity, organization or system
tries either to change its environment to suit its
needs or to change itself to suit the demands of
the environment whichever is easier in terms of
effort and cost. In other words one either resists
or goes with the flow, depending on what one
can put in and what it takes.

Right & Wrong at the Same Time

Impossibility precedes Possibility

“You are both right and wrong at the same time,
Sam.” said Dr. Zero 20 years ago: a surprising
ambiguity emerging from what was later to
become Witherspoon & the Hamil Complex,
not to be confused with Donna & the Buffalo.

Paradox, of course.

How else navigate contexts & levels of logical
type? Knowing Impossibility inside the terms
of my bubble let’s larger possibilities beyond
my good & evil sense & sensibilities unfold.
Small apocalypses now & then.

No right-way here other than what we come
up with—collaborating. Making a rite of
our own.


We know we are both right & wrong
at the same time. Let us proceed.

As opposed to:

NO, it’s impossible to be both
right and wrong at
the same time:
let’s get this

2 Hawkinsian Economies, say: & can
they Just Get Along?

Alive & kicking in the free world, I’m
right & wrong at the same time insisting
on being right overall you got a problem
with that?

“No, you aren’t!”

“Yes, I am and am not!”


“Yes and no! Am and not, too!

Get good at it.
Get bad at it.

It’s no matter if I’m black & white;
a smooth criminal: innocent & guilty
at the same time.

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