Monday, July 6, 2009



Original original spin divides
Good &Evil, not that there’s
anything wrong with THAT:
it’s the cover-up & denial that
thickens my bozone layer.

I aim to provide some ludic
provocation which I’m sure
will put us in play if I keep

“Unleash the cogs of lore.”

My intentions are Good.

Pave the road to hello
without no evil

(Original spinner, knowing better.)

Stochastic Process: Instead of
dealing with only one possible
"reality" of how the process
might evolve under time (as is
the case, for example, for solutions
of an ordinary differential equation),
in a stochastic or random process
there is some indeterminacy in its
future evolution described by
probability distributions… (wiki)

Farming Noise for News & Local
Food. Or how does our garden grow?
Pull the plastic off the strawberry patch.
Access Random: the river runs through
us .

Buckminster Fuller solved problems
of transportation and housing with
his geodesic intelligent designs but
they didn’t cog, despite considerable
contextual harassment. His ideas didn’t
fit in. No Idea that his ideas were not
cog worthy: he persisted

CONTEXT as well as the
Context of context and so forth:
it’s contextual embarassment all
the way around

( ( ( ( ) ) ) )

and who can keep track of the differences
let alone the relationships?

Timing is all.
Glad tidings.
Hap-y & not
hap-y divisions
& why can’t they
Just Get Along? Turn it up.
Put it in play. Or what’s a college for?

xxxooo, Presbyter

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