Saturday, August 22, 2009

Are We Privileged?

Are we Privileged?
a student asks.

We’re Damned!

Privileged if we know it,
(that we’re damned.)
A real advantage.
Under privileged if we

“That damned human race,”
said Twain, “that damned
moral sense.”

Clemens was condemning but
really: damned’s a perfect &
good & genial description
especially in these turbulent
& troubled times.


is what “damn” means & who’s
going to deny it?

Crippled, handicapped, lame
& limited, limping toward
frontiers yet unknown best
we can, universal health care
& insurance not with standing
public options.

Ok—I couldn’t go on Oprah
& claim “We’re all damned,

I’d have to say:


“We’re all vulnerable, Oprah,“

Or wounded, & she’d roll her eyes
knowingly toward the camera and
bring out Dr. Oz or Philadelphia to
tend to the business of bromides &
wellness procedures, diet, exercise,
attitude adjust-mentalism, prozac,
zanax, zoloft, rityln, aderal &
encourage disclosure of embarrassing
ailments I wouldn’t mention except
on national tv where the first step
toward cure is cauterization, yes?

Purgatorial: rip off the scabs —no
good covering up. .

“Oh, I’m damned, damnit!”

“There, There. We’ve got
just the
treatment for you.”

xxxooo, Presbyter

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