Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fist Bumping

"Thinking" as (llike) Fist Bumping

Dear Jeff (not exclusively to Jeff: colleagues
across the curriculum, too),

I'm not thinking about governance or sustainability
or American Literature or Health-Care (wellness
& fist bumps) at the moment, I'm trying to think
about thinking and Einstein's notion that the kind
and level of thinking that gets us into a problem
can't be the kind that gets us out.

I could USE governance or sustainability or
American Lit or wellness as token topics to
think about thinking, seeing as it seems I have
to be thinking about something so as to watch
the “thinking going on”; but that would be
strange and difficult for me because all those
topics tend to dominate (their profound &
practical importance) the thinking so that it's
almost impossible merely to use/abuse them
as transparent place-markers, say, and
subordinate to the whole process being
considered: the media as well as the

(Have you ever tried to suggest to your
significant other that the argument is NOT
about taking-out-the-trash or doing-the-
dishes-last, but about the RELATIONSHIP?
Difficult to bring off: this figure/background
shift. The topic (content) always seems to
eclipse the process. "Yes THIS IS ABOUT

That right there might be what E. meant by
the capacity to think on a different KIND and
LEVEL to exit a problem, if not resolve. I don't
know. If a different kind and level of thinking
were present to me—would I even recognize
it as “thinking”? If it were really different?

I'm thinking I'm thinking right now but I guess
what I'm calling “thinking” (& know as “thinking”)-
is probably just the part I'm familiar with (&
conscious of) when I think I'm thinking, and
thinking about thinking: & not even close to
the whole of it
—know what I'm saying?

I can probably think about how I think about
writing, say, or doing chemistry if I did it--
or even biology, or playing tennis or piano,
solving a problem in composition or in
strategic planning. But my version of what's
actually happening when I do these things
is not only a reduction & mere representation
but liable to eclipse if not occlude what's
actually going on: what’s hap-ening..

Sort of like beetling across the grasslands
rolling a ball of elephant dung full of high
sentence and lofty purpose—but actually
moving in a cloud of unknowing unknowing
I'm in a cloud of unknowing.

Yet the arches emerge, never the less.

Like, I'm saying.
"Something-Like" thinking going on here.

fist bumping

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