Thursday, August 6, 2009

A House Divided: You Got a Problem with That?

Dear College, Dear Colleagues,

Indo European da, dai “to divide.” the
words “divine”
and “time” (& tiding)
come from this root. Also
“daemon” and
“demon” and “democracy.”

Division is the pattern here. Drawing
Ecos Divisive. Turn IT up.
Put IT in play & be played. .

Demon’s in the Details

Daemon’s in the Patterns

Can you Tell the Difference?
Show the Relationship?

The liberalarts

If you insist on being logical like some Zeno,
and rational,then look: math, physics, chemistry,
biology—put a bubblearound each and a box
around the whole deal.

Same with anthropology, sociology, economics
history…bubble & box so they don’t contaminate,
miscegenate. .

And psyche-ology, literature, art, philosophy, religion:
bubble them up and box because each is a discrete
way of talking about the whole—each is a language
of its own: its own hidden assumptions and agenda,
controlling metaphors, & conventions.

Don’t go pretending they are related and relative and
you can put them all in the same room and have a cross
cultural inter-disciplinary conversation.

Sure, lots of nodding & smiling & people turning up
the volume as if for the hard of hearing: Mr. Chemistry
talking loud & slow to Ms Sociology: polite to each other,
is all

Larry Literature and Bob Biology: yu r surprise I spek
yr language one says to the other as if it were possible.

Can you imagine Phyllis Philosophy and Reggie
Religion discussing the state of the union?

LIKE integrating academics, work, and service by offering
a course where one can study a subject and then work-it in
the work program and do service in the neighborhood and be
getting academic, work, and service credit for it all at the
same time: as if that were an “integration.”. Surface
skating the details, is all: “demonic”

On the face of it. Skin deep

Daemon’s in the patterns

disciplines across the curriculum
Demon’s in the details

Those upper level nodes? call them holons, wholes
more then the sum of their nether parts, less than
the WHOLES higher up that they are part of.

It’s holons all the way up down, as above, so below..

Each bubble & box: a part, partial & a Whole (whole)
at the same time: simultaneous.

You know the feeling. Demons in the details.
Daemon’s in the patterns. & don’t be collapsing,
conflating, and confusing the 2—if you can help

Or go ahead: conflate, collapse, and confuse.
It’s unavoidable, but we might could
keep it in mind.


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