Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Play & Be Played (School & Be Schooled)

(That's "self-actualization" at the top, the pinnacle,
the peak: if you can climb that mountain and
wait that long.)

Dear R___,

C____ N_____, almost finished student, just sent
me and Dean Kahl and Jeff Holmes plus a few of his
student-colleagues a kind of challenge around these
how-to-teach notions your are raising--the old givem
fish or hook line & sinker conundrum: immediate
gratification or deferred.

And which comes FIRST?
Which dominates?
Maslow's sequentialism (first things first and
then when that's satisfied:
2nd and
3rd and
4th etc.)

C___N____ laid out differences between the
appropriately "hostile" values of instrumentality
in education (the liberal arts) those of "liberal art"
& pushed us on it.

I think, coming up from the student bawdy: concerns
like these: thinking:-how-to and thinking getRdone
might could get in play.

And it's the In Play (ludic) that for me is crucial.
Play & Be Played or Stay Away. Crying
theatre! theatre! in a crowded fire.

At least in the Gen Ed component, Chris suggested.
As least in the general education component..

Helps if IT can be played in Full View--like any concert,
like any performance: the play's the thing. Out of the closet--
ouch, damn, ohh, yes Yes YES - learning to THINK: it hurts
so good.

IT, I said.
Do I always have to be spelling IT out?

Thanks for writing. Always good to get your views.

xxxooo, Sam

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