Saturday, August 15, 2009


Strategic Planning,

OCCLUDE: occlusion

The emergent phenomena that rises up
and results from the attention-efficient
inclusion/exclusion collaboration
generated by my conscious
purpose & agenda

Otherwise known as Meta-A.D.D.U.
Attention Deficiency Unawares.
Being in in-denial as opposed
to just plain denial.

Cloud of Unknowing.
Comes with the territory
consciousness & impossible
factory-it-in. Acknowledge,


“We are clapped into jail by our
consciousness.” (Emerson)


What makes people in the Fine Arts&Humanity
division different from people in the Social
Sciences and them different from people in the
Natural Sciences?

Come on: turn it up. All Gall divided into 3 parts
—don't let it be all ONE: the differences are
what count.

We spent a morning in FAH listing (top 5) what
we needed so we could prioritize, gain solidarity
to convince the administration that our fires
were the one's to put out .

(Theatre! Theatre!)

That was the tenor, atmosphere, environment:
that was the agenda: us all together as a
Fine Arts & Humanities Division.

Needs we have with us always.
Space: never enough.
Our Strategic Planning. Vision.

How do the natives south of Jensen talk and think
strategically? The Millennial Notions from
Social Sciences and their fundamentalist
cousins: The Naturals?

Ought to be radically different. Incommensurate:
aspirations rising up from each realm-- as distinct
as theory, practice, & performance, yes?
Academics, Work, & Service projectiles.
Different & discrete cultures,
conventions, ways of
thinking, talking,
& knowing.


When we sit down at the strategic table to practice
strategery: don't be encouraging some dream of a
common language. O Contrary! Urge and encourage
our civil war: house divided. How else sponsor
emergent phenomenon and new values?
Converse Action. Without
Contraries Is No

Virtual reality precedes actual reality: always
plenty of space for life-of-the-minding—and
time, too.Nobody here but us Chickens—free
ranging and confined—merely media that Egg
contrives to sustain itself.

Ivory Tower-ism. This is how EngMajors talk. Don't
expect us to be sounding like social science or those
guys below Carson in their fancy-schmancy
complex. & Baconian incommensurating
species-validating instrumentation.

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