Thursday, September 3, 2009

Justify my Love

I will try to justify my love, reasons why
I do as I do.


Helter Skelter, on the one hand.

Arrow of purpose, on the other hand.

Digital-logical Process on the other
hand. Analogue Process on the one

Show and Tell—on the other hand
and on the one hand: can you tell
the difference? Can you Show it?

Ok: now—what about relationship
(between show and tell,
analogue and logic,
helter-skelter and the Arrow of Purpose.)
Can you tell it and show it?

What if you were only allowed to TELL?
SHOW is not permitted. Would it matter?
Could you compensate— really tell it like
it is like a sonovagun, but not show?

What’s the difference between Helter Skelter
and PURPOSE? What’s the relationship.
(Can they Just Get Along.)

What if Helter Skelter as source & resource
were forbidden .to you. Only Arrow of Purpose;
(Tell me your measurable aims and objectives,
your goal, where you are going and why.
Your thesis sentence.).

Look: 2 kinds of syllogism
(do not collapse, conflates, confuse)

All myn die .....................Grass dies
Socrates is a myn.......... Myn die
Socrates dies.................. Myn are grass.

What’s the difference in kind?
Do you like one better than the other?
What if you were only allowed to use/abuse
1 kind of syllogism: which would you vote for?

Silly questions? OR stunning (stupor-making:
stupid-izing: just right for study.)

I’m asking. There’s a Fundamental Distinction
Over All here. I’m fooling around with a some
what helter skelter approach, but with purpose, too.

I’m being coy.
I’m not telling IT straight out,
nor am I quite showing IT. See?
I want IT to emerge, an emergent
phenomena and value, as revelation,
small apocalypse – bit of Eureka
holy smokes and mirrors. .

Tell all the TRUTH, Emily D. says,
but tell it SLANT,. success in circuit lies.


The truth must dazzle gradually
or every myn be blind.

No? You disagree?
We can argue then.
Or what’s a college for?

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