Thursday, November 18, 2010


What’s it LIKE to be a ONE?  (cont)
Waking Life?
I couldn’t stand it thank you very much.  I like it dead,
nailed down, predictable: hard balls and mallet croquet’s
my game: some contingencies sure,  but regulation wickets
& a level playing field.
I can talk live and lively even rigor and risk,
but only in the context of rules and regulations.
Alive is deadly. I need it dead. Nailed down.
Boardwalk the walk.   
                            xxxooo, Necrophiladelphean.

That’s the word for how you talk and sound:
you personally.  From IDIOS: personal, private,
no-2- snowflakes-alike uniqueness. “idiot,”
“idiocy,” and “idiosyncrasy” come from this. 
Think about it:

the degree to which I draw on my “genius”
( personal, private & unique perspective,
imaginations, thoughts and  ideas at the
expense of common sense):  the more and
more IDIOT  I am.
On the  other hand—
The more I conform  to the common sense,
the colloquial, the conventional,  the less
idiosyncratic I am, the more SOCIAL 
the binary dualistic dynamic  in the middle
of which I am always  caught: my idiocy  on
the one hand, my “socios-cy” on  the other
hand. And which hand am I going to salute,
identify with, serve?
 Self-Reliance or Collective Conformity?
      Idiotic Willfulness or Social Justice?
             Independence or Common Cause?
              idiocy and socios-cy
Addressing this opposition and the nature of
the DIFFERENCE and the possibilities of
RELATIONSHIP between the 2—
is what I call the Liberal Art.
Having said all that:
I want to be loved  please..
See ME Hear ME Touch ME Feed Me  
It don’t  make common sense to be an
idiot: common sense makes common sense. 

Why can’t we  all Just Get Along?

Talk the talk.

                         xxxooo, E.A. Poe

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