Friday, November 26, 2010

It Gets Better (& All Shall Be Well)

             It Gets Better (and all shall be well)
        Dr. Gabor Maté on ADHD, Bullying and the
             Destruction of American Childhood
There is an intelligence that is acutely alert to
what is wrong with ideas and beliefs. A bracingly
critical intelligence that helps sweep the world 
clean of the bullshit that might otherwise over
whelm us.And there is an intelligence that pierces
through what is wrong with ideas and beliefs to
see their creative potential. That's the intelligence
that allows us to imagine and build the world anew, 
post-bullshit.                                       (colleague)

The proper work of the human intellect is to affirm.
And if it’s other work of criticizing, questioning, and
negativity is not in the service of affirmation, it
is a waste of time.  (William O’Grady, St.Johns)
Local Food Galore: giving thanks for all that’s 
at-hand to put into play

If you can regulate your own attention deficiency and
focus for 59 vacation minutes, this video interview with
Dr.  Mate confirms (in  my mind) much of my e-mail
blather, belief & bias regarding the Other
Environmentalism, (I. D. L.: Indoor Leadership) and
gives plenty to agree with and plenty to condemn…
(so inadequate, our best analysis and diagnoses:
always a severe reduction, a rip-off of the  WHOLE)  
. . .regarding the current state of local food-for-thought,
bullshit detecting,indoor-environmentalism: the kind
that influences shared  mind-set and attitude; you know:
rigor-to-innovation ratios.  
. .
            Precedents. Getting First things First
Existence precedes Essence existentialists and us
1950s Students in loden coats would proclaim  to
ourselves and peers this common shared profundity
and later but not quite as united: Life Precedes Choice
Or Does IT? And now-a-days: silencing restless legs
& scattered attention spans precedes classroom academics:
pharmaceuticals precede pedagogies and neo-cortical-
-parentalization-&-homeland-security precede academic
Peer influence now over-rides if not precedes family
values and structures as if it hasn’t always done so.
It gets better. It, I said.

xxxooo, Sam

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