Monday, November 22, 2010

Tryanny of Common Sense All By Itself

Made no sense at all.  Surreal.  Makes no sense now.
                         Integrate this!
   Common Sense    No-Sense-At-All
“Let me tell you”   (how  Dong Ping likes to inform me):
this is the cerebral & affective triad I  ignore; can’t
factory it all in.
1/3rd –assed: my clarity addiction, occluding the play-it-takes
to make some common sense.
An Environmental Issue: I dream in dungarees,
garden in tuxedos:  Nothing but rutabaga
will apply
Dong Ping took a picture of me  slung back in my chair,
feet on the desk, keyboard in lap—and then sent it  e-mail,
blown up so big I could see the pores in my nose, ear-hair,
liver spots, eye-flaps, crusty hands, yellow teeth and it didn’t
look at all like the Inside ME-Looking-Out  I imagine and
carry with me to class, at least, if not to Ingles., where I’ll
take advantage of the motorized  cart to pick up grinders and
I’ve spent my life conferring with late adolescence.  Groan-ups
are strange even though I’m older than most.
“Age is no better, hardly so well, qualified for an instructor
 as youth, for it has not profited somuch as it has lost. One
may almost doubt if the wisest man has learned anything of
 absolute value by living."  Thoreau
Felt that all my life till it’s come back to bite me in the ass
so to speak.
Clip art wasn’t available when I went to college. The mother of
the Monkees hadn’t yet invented Wite-Out  for correctional purposes.
I typed  papers on a large desk ROYALE with snap-on rubberized
key caps:  Cleanthe Brookes corrected my grammar.
I’m just saying.
                                  Show & Tell.
Analogue & Digital process. This distinction hadn’t yet become
significant, plus the knowledge-of-the- world  (as opposed to
its intelligence) wasn’t laptop dancing finger-tip away back then
&  now you can carry IT in your pocket  on your smart phone
You all are smarter than us whether you know IT or not whether
we know it or not  and it’s not what we know  these daze that
counts anyway but whether we can put it in play.
This is no lie.  This is Creative Non-Fiction.

xxxooo, Sam

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