Friday, December 10, 2010

EGO is Latin for I-Just-Do-IT

IT shoots ping pong balls using "nothing"
        or "vacuum" as the fuel.

              My  Mytho-Logic
( nothing, really)   

"Chaos" is etymologically literally a container notion:
void, chasm, gap, abyss,  yawn. Call it the WHELM
(matrix) and me, whelmed: I swim inside, hysterical
& amniotic ..

Random-to-Order are ratios I generateto fill the void:
background-to-figure, noise-to-news:  chaos-filters
either already in place (culture, custom, convention),
OR—I’ve got to make my own my self. .
I just do it. . 

I can't stand "chaos." Like sitting in a John Cage concert
protecting  my self from the very source &  mother of
invention by my habits and habitats. Makes good
common, if not uncommon, sense.  .

             LUDIC   =   game, play
   DELUDED, ILLUSION - not in-game
                  (out of IT)

               All by my  SELF

If I take this grid (tautology)  and I put it over
the dragon anywhere.

I can measure ratios and relationships in that
particular spot and will get  back what my
grid and terms
  Stick in my thumb, pull out a plumb &
           O what a Good
Boy am I.
I be careful what I pray for.
I be careful what I ask for
I be careful what I measure…
because I always get it.
Get it?
My “terms” determine me ok ok not necessarily
my specific terms-of-desire, but in  general they
do: that’s for sure no doubt, how could it be
other wise? ..

Just do it.

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