Friday, December 24, 2010

Let No Thing You Desire

Damaged by desire is what I mean
to say. Extra terrestrial aching &
no thing on earth will satisfy it,
no thing no no no,

Damaged is what "damn"  means.
Or call it "vulnerable," or "wounded"
if you like, but "damned"  does the
trick & cuts to the bone. Consider:
Old School.

Damaged & damaging if  I do;
Damaged & damaging if I don't.

What a relief:

To know the feeling is no mistake,
not  error, no flaw, not  something
I left out, failed to do, omitted:  I'm
merely damned, is all:  Adderal &
Ritalyn not with standing,  Prozac
& lithium, analgesic anesthetic
don't make no never mind. .


Of course.

It's the denial & cover up etc.

This is gospel truth. Let nothing you dismay.
Hark the herald angels sing. Damned if you do
& Damned if you don' & all is well and
all is well and all manner of things is well.

Desire, damnit.
Of the stars.   .

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