Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dialectic Materiallized (Building Blocks for Bucky Fuller)

Dialectic Materialized (as it were)
Building Blocks for Bucky Fuller: 
You might remember Buckminster Fuller and his
geodesic domes: (which he raised, for the first time,
at Black Mountain College in the  50’s—maybe 40’s)…
…a mad scientist who invented geodesic ways to 
solve world housingand transportation programs 
except that his inventions didn’t COG into the 
existing  system and so bounced off the culture 
like rice off a rhino.
                He considered the tetrahedron
the basic building block of the universe: simplest
and strongest fundamental structure. If you count
the sides and the corners:there are 4.  If you count 
the edges,  there  are 6 
Bucky translated 3’ness from an intellectual (mind) 
dialectical notion into a physical  manifestation 
(embodiment) in time & space— and  you might could  
“sense” the progenitorial pyramidal 3-ness that
fathers IT.

Geometrics.   Mapping mind & matter so as
to represent.

There’s a difference—between mind and

And then: a relationship.   
The  relationship = that  3rd term
we like to conjure when we are playing
dialectic without doing injustice to the tensile 
polar opposition of contraries that generates it 
IT, I said:  the 3rd term.
Reductionism, yes—sure: so as to be able
to juggle complexities without doing injustice 
to simplicity—and always for the sake of
argument. or what’s a college for?

xxxooo, Sam 

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