Saturday, January 8, 2011

Liberal Art: Life-Long Sport

Dear Colleagues Across the Curriculum.
            Liberal Art  -  life long sport.
It’s not what we know that counts these days but
whether we can put it in play.  

May I have an amen?
Or argument, then?
Always: for the sake of argument, or what’s a college for?
                        the better part of mortar
1,000 words or more if the gag were dropped if someone
came and untied or cut my short lingual fraenum, my
ankyloglossian georgian knot, if some one (empowered
themself)  empowered me crying “hammock”  and  “let’s
ship the clods that bore,” if I had some rubric assistance
indicating degrees of competence & what is expected
to get the grade I need, if I already knew critical thinking
and how to argue, had the advantage of a capstone at the
end and good advising from the start, or if  I had a Ph
degree for crying out loud, 16 or more years at least of
higher education:  then I’d speak out & we  might  could
sustain some argument and who knows what would rise
up, emergent phenomena probably and values like some
what new news if  only I weren’t tongue tied up  handi-
capped so to speak in manners of speaking: disabled
and consequently as it were: un-empowered. ..    .  
On the other hand:
Much is to be said on the other hand which always awaits
its glover, Silence: golden & if one has  no good thing
good to say and so says no thing  at all.  
Words are inadequate
Pictures are  worth 1,000 of them
& the better part of hollers is discretion.

Wait  & see the fools rush in where angels fear their bread  
Better to be bound, blind, and gagged than  fooling in
front your Host of  Peers.  .
 xxxooo, Judy Bonds

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